Saturday, November 8, 2008

The love of siblings

There are so many pictures of you all together. Hugging, playing, mugging for the camera. The pictures are more than just images but a depiction of the love that you all have for each other. It warms my heart to see the love and friendship that you all have for each other. You truly love each other and it shows. (You also fight a lot-but that is to be expected!)

It matters a lot to me because I don't have the greatest memories of my own relationships with my siblings growing up. After the death of our mother, things got very ugly very quickly and the most powerful memories I have of my siblings are largely negative, birthed of sibling rivalry, hatred, and violence. Home was not a place of love and safety for me, but a place to avoid if possible, to survive as best as one could. So many bad memories.

But God willing, your memories will be filled with love and laughter, of friendship and play. I am amazed at the closeness of relationship that exists between you all. Joshua, as the oldest, you are 8 years older than Justus, 10 older than Joel. But the age gap does not diminish the closeness you have for all your siblings. Justus will always look up to you as his big brother, as one who took time for him and taught him many things. As one who took time to read to him and put him to sleep.

That is true with Hannah and Bethany as well. You both are such big parts of the lives of your brothers. Mommy recently asked Justus who made him happy. His answer? HANNAH! Of course, he loves Bethany a lot as well. Bethany, I love to watch you express your affection for your younger brother. It is so special.

When you are older, you will find that the friendships of your siblings will still be so important to you. The love you sow in relationship will grow a beautiful garden, bearing the most excellent fruit of love, friendship, and partnership in your life's journeys.

I love you all so very much!


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